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Our services are only limited by your imagination. We can do promotional videos for organizations, business commercials, music videos, camps & retreats, weddings, and more. If you are interested in telling your story through film leave us a message below detailing your vision.



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Brett Wiggins

The Artist

Brett is an artist through and through. Nothing he puts his heart, mind, and work to goes untouched by the beauty of artistic expression. From music to photography, film to simply connecting with people, Brett’s greatest desire in life is to love & encourage those around him toward a better life together.


Kurtis Vanderpool

The Storyteller

For over 12 years he has worked hard to create and tell stories through writing, poetry, public speaking, and film. Now he uses Nomad Video Productions to combine storytelling with his other great passion; people. With 8 years ministry experience, he has come to believe no story is worth telling if it doesn’t connect, encourage, and inspire people.

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